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Name:  CDR Raymond Evans, Jr.


WPC 1110 Raymond Evans


September 6, 2014


RAYMOND EVANS (WPC-1110) ~ Commissioned Sept 6, 2014

LT Drew P. Cavanagh - CO

LTjg Jason Mayes - XO

Mrs. Dorothy Evans - Sponsor

Photo of then Chief Signalman Raymond Evans being presented the Navy Cross Medal by then Rear Admiral Joseph


SHIELDPer fess wavy Gules and Azure, the chief parted per bend sinister raguly Grebe detailed Argent, in base two oars in saltire with paddles raised high of the fourth, surmounted by an eight- pointed star of the first edged Argent within five mullets of the like, all within a bordure of the second.

CRESTOn a wreath Grebe and Azure, issuant from a stylized sea Celeste, an image of the “Black Widow” Navy Cross below a pair of Coast Guard signal flags in saltire, the dexter flag per fess Azure and Gules (for “E”), the sinister flag of the like bearing a saltire Argent (for “M”), all between a pair of palm trees Proper.

SUPPORTERSEnsigned upon a Coast Guard Officer’s sword and a boat hook in saltire Proper.

MOTTOOn a scroll Argent, doubled Azure and edged Gules, the inscription “WE HAVE A JOB TO DO” in blue letters.


SHIELD:  The shield colors are the same as those of the International Flag Code for “E,” representing the surname initial of Raymond Evans.  The bend sinister raguly evokes a formation of amphibious landing craft in perspective on a beachhead.  These LCP’s assaulted the beaches at Guadalcanal, operated in part by Raymond Evans and Medal of Honor awardee, Douglas Munro.  In base, the eight-pointed star forms a compass and, with crossed oars, echoes the coxswain’s badge of which Commander Evans was a recipient.  It is also reminiscent of the USMC “Battle Blaze” insignia which takes its design from the Commonwealth flags of the Southern Hemisphere, with the five stars of the constellation “Southern Cross” viewed from the Southern Hemisphere and, more particularly, from the Solomon Islands.

SUPPORTERSAn Officer’s sword and a boat hook are traditional symbols and reflect the command and mission of the Coast Guard.

CRESTThe crest displays the “Black Widow” version of the Navy Cross awarded to Raymond Evans for valor during the Guadalcanal Campaign, bracketed within two palms trees, the most prevalent jungle growth on those Pacific islands.  The two signal flags represent the initials of the “Gold Dust Twins” (“E” for Evans and “M” for Munro) who volunteered together to go in harm’s way to evacuate stranded Marines from the beachhead.

Photo of USMC SGT Roy Pugh, the Long Glass Presenter for the Raymond Evan’s commissioning.  He was involved in the Guadalcanal Campaign and was among the approximately 500 Marines evacuated by Raymond Evans and other personnel off the beachhead on 27 Sep 1942.